9 June 2021
6 pm
Charity Exhibition and Auction
Painting and graphics, photo and sculptures. A charity fair to support teenagers who choose to be a lawyer.
Russia. Moscow. Design Factory Flacon
9 June 2021
Charity exhibition and auction of photos and paintings made by lawyers - experts in different fields of a law. You will enjoy the live music and unique food, and meet our famous guests!
Our guests

Lex.Capital.Art exhibition will be located at the second floor of Design Factory Flacon from 7th to 10th June. Many famous lawyers (collectionaires, artists, photographers) will join us there. Roman Bevzenko, Inna Sevostyanova, Olga Gezha and others.
On June, 9, Inna Tsesar, a children's author and ex-lawyer will introduce her best-seller Taksa-Klyaksa.

On June 9th we host a party for the friends of Lex Capital who support our charity project.
We will arrange an auction sale of the art exhibited to support the charity fund "Opening horizons" and the teenagers who want to become lawyers!
Live music

Anastasia Nazarova, singer and songwriter, DJ SMASH voice, resident of JAZZ PARKING, founder and teacher at La La La Music School, DJ. Anastasia took part in American talented show (Atlantic city), The Voice UK. She is an ex-singer of Sattva project featured in Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar and Sonar playlists.

J.Grin - singer of pop, soul, jazz and funk, composer and poet. She is an absolute meloman and dreamer, singing in different styles and considering this a base for professional growth. J.Grinn is a resident of popular Moscow clubs and founder of J.Grinn Band. She also sings at corporate events and festivals.
Panting masterclasses

On April 29th and June 3rd our artist Evgenia Aralova offers online painting masterclasses for the beginners, registration http://exhibition.lexcapital.ru/masterclass
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Where can I see the exhibition?
Design Factory Flacon
The first creative cluster in Moscow aimed to develop a wide circle of projects: modern forms of art, education and civil activities

36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya ulitsa, Moscow
5 min from Dmitrovskaya metro station
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